frequently asked questions

We all have questions, it's quite possibly the biggest day of your lives so here are a few questions I have been asked.
Q - Is there just yourself or do you have a second photographer?

A - I shoot alone that way I can give you my full attention on your wedding coverage without the distraction of a second photographer.

Q - How much do you charge and is there an option to purchase the disc only?

A - I have 3 set prices which I would be willing to discuss at a location of your choice, distance within reason of course.

Q - What time will you arrive and leave?

A - That all depends on which package you choose, it can be anything from a couple of hours to a full day.

Q - Will we have an option to have a pre wedding shoot?

A - there is an option for a pre wedding shoot on the two higher packages

Q - How long after the wedding will we have to wait for the images?

A - I aim for the images to be ready for your return from your honeymoon.

Q - How long have you been doing wedding photography for?

A - I have been shooting weddings for 7 years .

Q - Is there an option for us to provide images that we would like to replicate and is it okay for us to have an input on the images or do we have to stick to traditional photographs?

A - It's your wedding day, and if there are any images online that you have seen that you would like to replicate then I am more than willing to oblige, you don't have to stick to traditional photographs and I would prefer you to have an input on what style of photography you want.

Q - Do you use filters? I would like a tan (yes that was a real question!!)

A - I am afraid not, but I can always use my post production skills.

Q - How many photographs will I look at getting?

A - That all depend on which package you choose and how long I am present during your big day.

Q - Do you have insurance?

A - I have a public liability cover of 2 million, a copy of my cover can be made available should you wish to see it.

Q - What happens if you suffer from camera/equipment malfunction?

A - I always carry two cameras and a bag of lenses.

Q - Do we have to incur any travel expenses?

A - Only if the venue exceeds my 60 Mile Radius limit.

Q - do we have to feed you?

A - not if you do not want to, I am self sufficient during a wedding, no one likes their photograph being taken whilst eating so I will normally make myself scarce until you have finished your meals.

Q - Can relatives take photos?

A - of course, and why not? as long as when I am taking formal shots they wait until I have finished.

Q - Do you need a deposit?

A - I do, £150.00 will secure your date, but it will only be secured upon completion of a booking form, it is non refundable because from the date I take your booking that date is yours and I could have turned away the possibility of another wedding.

If you have any further questions then please feel free to email via the contacts page or call me.